A stuffed “Hitler alligator” on display at the Darwin Museum

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A stuffed alligator of Saturn was exhibited in the Darwin Museum in Moscow. This was announced on Wednesday, October 7, at the press service of the institution.

The reptile died in Vienna in 2020 at the age of 84. During its life, as noted in the museum, the alligator has seen many famous people.

“According to legend, he saw Hitler, miraculously survived the bombing of the Berlin Zoo, wandered the streets of the city for three years and survived the collapse of the USSR,” the Zvezda TV channel quotes a representative of the museum.

It is noted that after the alligator came to Moscow, it was first called Hitler, but later they decided to rename it. The scarecrow can be seen in the central hall of the Darwin Museum until October 11.

Saturn was born around 1936 in the United States, from where he was taken to Berlin Zoo almost immediately. After the bombing in November 1943, he fled from there. His further fate is unknown until, in 1946, British soldiers found him and transferred him to Moscow. Almost immediately after this, a legend arose that in fact he was in Hitler’s collection, and not in the zoo.

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