A school with an agricultural engineering bias is being built in the Tambov region

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In the working village of Umet, within the framework of the national project “Education”, a school with an agricultural engineering bias is being built.

The budget for the construction and equipment of the new school will amount to 392 million rubles. The construction is planned to be completed in 2021. At the moment, the readiness of the object is 25%.

In the new building of the basic school of Umet, it is planned to train 350 schoolchildren in basic and additional education.

The project of the new building includes the construction of a stadium with tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, a bike path and a car city.

The school will have a Center for Techniques and Technologies in Agroengineering, a Center for Natural Science and Research, and a Center for Digital Competencies in the Agro-Industrial Complex.

According to the head of the department of education and science of the region, Tatyana Kotelnikova, the opening of such an educational facility will prepare graduates focused on obtaining professional education in a technical and natural science profile, as well as educating the future scientific and engineering elite of the region.

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