A resident of Tver taught a dog to collect and throw away garbage

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In Tver, a resident of Mamulino taught her dog Berta to collect garbage and take it to the trash can.

A woman trained a Weimaraner hunter for a very long time.

– The command “Look at the trash” is a complex one, which includes a whole one – take, carry, stand with paws on the urn, throw. All this is then combined into one phrase. If the dog finds garbage, he does not take it himself, but waits for the command. The hostess assesses whether this can be done. Inna notes: when people see that the dog picks up the garbage and takes it to the trash can, they are surprised. I would like to hope that they think about their own actions, – the woman told the press service of the TSAH about this.

This fact should become an example for other residents of Tver. Even animals can be taught to throw away garbage, so people can learn to deliver the remains of their vital activity to containers.

Photo: TCAH press service

Photo: TCAH press service

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