A resident of the Tula region received a year in prison for theft of garments

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A resident of the Shchekino district of the Tula region received a year in prison for theft. The court established that in March March 2020 the man was on the territory of Thanh Fat LLC in the village. Shakhty-20 of the Shchekinsky district of the Tula region. Taking advantage of the fact that the front door leading to the warehouse was not locked, he entered the premises of the tailoring workshop of Thanh Fat LLC. In the shop, a citizen found finished products in the form of 400 pieces of teenage sports trousers, packed in two polymer bags, and a cardboard box with 40 curtains. Then the man laid out the sports trousers in three plastic bags, after which he took them out in several steps, as well as a box with curtains through the window of the room. Then the man hid the stolen goods in a building on one of the sites in the nearby SNT. The damage amounted to 148,000 rubles.

The man partially admitted his guilt.

Kirsanov was found guilty, he was sentenced to imprisonment for a period of 1 year in a strict regime correctional colony.

The measure of restraint for the convicted person – in the form of detention pending the entry of the sentence into legal force – has been left unchanged.

The verdict has not entered into legal force and can be appealed in the prescribed manner.

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