A resident of Karelia almost strangled his wife in front of the children

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In Olonets, a family quarrel almost ended in tragedy. And all because the drunk spouse reacted too emotionally to his wife’s forgetfulness. The man began to strangle the Olonchane woman in front of the children. After the incident, the terrified woman went to the police. This was reported in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Karelia.

As it turned out, the 32-year-old defendant got angry because his wife forgot to congratulate him on his wedding anniversary. The drunk man hit his wife in the face, then pushed him in the chest with such force that the woman fell. He did not let her get up, began to strangle and threaten that he would kill. One of the children distracted the father’s attention in order to save the mother. The woman seized the moment, kicked her drunken husband in the groin, and then ran away.

After the incident, the woman filed for divorce. The materials on the case were sent to the court.

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