A rescuer performed an indirect heart massage to a baby elephant in an accident

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In the Thai province of Chanthaburi, a rescuer performed an indirect heart massage to a baby elephant who was hit by a motorcyclist, thereby saving his life. This was reported by Reuters.

According to him, the elephants were crossing the road at night when one of them was hit by a motorcyclist. The driver was thrown to the side by several meters from the impact, and the baby elephant remained on the road. While they were helping the injured motorcyclist, rescuer Mana Srivante tried to save the baby elephant by cardiopulmonary resuscitation. According to him, for 26 years of work, he did not have to carry out this procedure for elephants.

The rescuer admitted that he was very worried because he heard other elephants call the injured baby elephant. According to the “360” TV channel, the man suggested where the baby elephant’s heart was based on the video he saw on the Web, as well as on the human anatomy, after which he began to carry out resuscitation actions.

“When the baby elephant started to move, I almost cried,” Srivante admitted.

It is noted that when the animal came to its senses, it was taken to the veterinarian for examination. When it became clear that everything was in order with the baby elephant, he was taken to the scene of the accident, after which other elephants returned for him.

As the rescuer specified, the motorcyclist was not seriously injured in the accident.

On December 3, it was reported that in Namibia, the authorities put 170 wild elephants for sale due to the excessive number of animals in the reserves and due to the drought that has established in the country.

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