A psychologist named a way to avoid depression after the New Year holidays

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After a long New Year’s weekend, people have to go to work, which puts them in a state close to depression. Psychologist Sergey Lang spoke about ways to help avoid melancholy and get through this difficult period.

For a good psychological state, the correct attitude of a person is important. “When we create a certain program that the day will be productive and everything will work out, then, accordingly, we will treat the busy schedule and business differently,” Channel Five quotes a specialist on January 10.

Also, to create a good mood, you must adhere to a balanced diet. The diet should include fruits, vegetables, and meat consumption should be reduced in favor of fish.

According to the psychologist, for a cheerful state of mind, simple exercises are needed, for example, 15–20 squats or push-ups.

The specialist noted that after going to work, one should not forget about rest, since a sharp immersion in work leads to burnout. Even those who, like many during the pandemic, work remotely, need a break from household chores, Lang added.

In December, the candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor, clinical psychologist of the highest category Alexei Melekhin told how not to fall under the influence of the “New Year’s Eve anxiety syndrome”.

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