A printer that fits in the palm of your hand: Poooli printer

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Pocket-sized technology has reached everywhere, allowing us to access endless accessories and functionalities that we only dreamed of before, and the world of printing is no exception: from gravity -defying printers that work in space to erasable inks, we can count on various options to give life to our creations.

With compact and mobile design being one of the most envied features of electronic devices; it’s not hard to imagine that manufacturers would find a way to market a small, portable printer that we could always have at our fingertips.

For some years now, with the arrival of multifunctional printers, we have observed how companies have been in charge of developing efficient equipment capable of generating quality prints, sending communications, printing via mobile -or from the cloud- and even carrying out functions of copying and scanning, its main characteristic being its compact and elegant design.

But now, printing technology has been reinvented with the launch of small printers with a function that -we thought- had been forgotten: instant photographs.

The boom of vintage photos

The success of the old today is no secret to anyone. We can see it in interior decoration and parties or in the appearance of some accessories: the truth is that vintage is here to stay and it is a trend that has crossed barriers, taking over filters and photo editing and our favorite brands. They saw in it a golden opportunity.

And it is that, although it is already possible to share our photographs and images instantly, there is still a certain preference for printed photos, especially when we try to immortalize important moments, moments in which a pocket printer becomes the device ideal.


The mini printers: portable and mobile

These printing gadgets are fantastic when we are on a trip or need to print something urgently, although in the case of pocket photo printers the matter is a bit different, having a reception that not many expected because they remind us of an old friend -the Polaroid camera- which makes them much more requested and used.

This compact device is highly sought after by photography lovers whose number has grown who can now bring an edited photo from their mobile to reality, even away from home. They can be connected directly to the phone or to different social networks and are perfect for giving a spontaneous and instant capture to a friend or family member.

Its models are varied and are characterized by printing a photograph in a small format, just like the cameras of the past. Let’s meet some of its most famous model:

Poooli: Thermal Printer 

Bluetooth Connection: Bluetooth 4.0 connection. Mini Thermal Printer is compatible with smartphones and tablets. All you have to do is download free Poooli app to your device and enjoy your printing journey.

Print As You Want: Mini Thermal Printer supports multiple functions, including printing photos, labels, messages, lists, logs, QR codes, web page printing, OCR text recognition, AR photos, etc. 

Cute and Portable: Stylish and simple appearance and small size, it is very suitable to put in a pocket or pocket. Mini pocket printer with built-in rechargeable battery allows you to take it with you, saving time, energy and money.

Inkless Mini Photo Printer: The Mini Thermal Printer with a built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery can print photos anytime anywhere. Due to the use of thermal technology, no ink is used, there are no unnecessary costs, and multiple functions are supported.

Perfect Gift: This 200dpi Mini inkless printer brings you a new image and text printing experience. Print directly with your mobile phone and feel the fun of remembering good memories.