A priest from Volgograd told how to deal with despondency

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Maksim Zlobin, a postgraduate student at the Moscow Theological Academy, explained how despondency, suspiciousness and murmuring are related and how to get rid of them.

All sins are based on pride, not exception and despondency. According to Maxim Zlobin, apathy arises from the relaxation of the will.

– Now despondency is increasingly called depression, in many countries they give sick leave, because in severe cases such a person becomes disabled. The sin of despondency seems to paralyze a person, deprives him of motivation, immobilizes him, – said the clergyman in an interview with Vecherniy Volgograd.ru.

A murmur is dissatisfaction with one’s life and those around, and suspiciousness is an inadequate perception of reality, Maxim Zlobin continues to explain. You need to fight these sins the same way as with all others, through prayer.

– All sins arise from too much trust in oneself and little trust in God. We just want everything to be our way, and when it doesn’t work out like that, murmuring and despondency begins, suspiciousness is born. As soon as we put God in its rightful place, everything will fall into place, – summed up Maxim Zlobin.

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