A phantom site for the production of meat products revealed in the Ryazan region

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A phantom site for the production of meat products has been identified in the Ryazan region. This was reported in the regional department of the Rosselkhoznadzor.

During an audit in December 2020, it was established that over 50 tons of frozen and chilled beef had been delivered to the Myasnoye Podvorye organization located in Ryazan from enterprises in the Moscow region.

According to the documents, frozen beef was produced from raw materials in Ryazan, which was sent to LLC Alrus (Moscow region).

The fact that the firm “Myasnoye Podvorie” carried out any activity was not confirmed, in this connection the site was excluded from the “Cerberus” system.

Information on the violations revealed was sent to law enforcement agencies, to the Rosselkhoznadzor Administration for Moscow, Moscow and Tula regions. The account of the authorized person LLC has been canceled in the VETIS system.

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