A new project will be presented at the National Museum of Kalmykia

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“Steppe as a living space” is the name of the new exposition complex of the Nikolai Palmov National Museum of Kalmykia.

The press opening of the new exposition complex, created within the framework of the program “Development of culture and tourism in the Republic of Kalmykia”, will take place on December 25. Information and a video from the presentation will be posted on the website and accounts of the National Museum in social networks, the museum workers said.

“From the idea to the creation of the exposition” The Steppe as a Living Space “, the museum staff took several years, during which, in close cooperation with scientists of different scientific fields and artists of Kalmykia, a huge work was done to collect information and select museum items for each section and block of the exhibition” – said in a press release from the museum.

This is the first exhibition project in the republic, in which modern electronic technologies are widely used along with traditional methods of museum exhibiting.

The exhibits are presented in the context of the main stages of human development – archaeological finds, fragments of burial mounds, the space of the steppe with its flora and fauna, the most important historical events in the life of the Kalmyk people – all this finds visual support on multimedia devices, creating the effect of being present in each historical era. Additional visual, graphic and textual information of the exposition blocks is located on interactive panels, screens and tables for independent use of visitors.

“The innovative space contains over a thousand exhibits from the museum’s funds, among which there are those that are presented to the audience for the first time. The extraordinary design of the exposition, the unusual solution of functional and aesthetic tasks, and multimedia display facilities will allow visitors to take a fresh look at the history of the Kalmyk people,” – added the museum workers.

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