A new four-lane road will appear in place of a dirt road in Astrakhan

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Improvement of the city continues

In Astrakhan, work continues on the construction of a new road within the framework of the national project “Safe high-quality highways”. A new section of the road will soon appear on Boris Alekseev Street, and quite long – more than one kilometer.

The territory has already been cleared of debris, the communication networks have been moved. According to the contractor, after the completion of the work, a four-lane road will appear here, two lanes in each direction. There will be a green dividing line in the middle. For the convenience of pedestrians, wide sidewalk paths will be installed along the road.

Now work is underway to lay crushed stone, which will become the basis of the future road surface, and side road curbs are also being installed. Next week the contractor will start arranging the congresses to the courtyards.

Let us remind you that earlier there was a dirt road on this section, and in a very sad state. During the seasonal rains, the area turned into a solid swamp, so that neither a car nor a person could get through the mud. Now everything will be different.

It is planned to plant more than five thousand green spaces along the road, as well as to install about a hundred light poles. The width of the future roadway will be 16 meters, so that cars will be able to move freely on a four-lane two-way road.

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