A model of a military aircraft “MiG-29” was installed in the Tver region

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In Andreapol, the opening of the MiG-29 monument took place in honor of the 80th anniversary of the 28th Leningrad Guards Order of Kutuzov, III degree of the fighter aviation regiment.

The commemorative model of the aircraft was assembled and installed by specialists from Rzhev of the 514th Aviation Repair Plant. The opening ceremony was attended by former commanders of the guards regiment, Colonels Vasily Gorbatov and Lev Spevak, as well as youth soldiers from the Patriot detachment.

The head of the Andreapol municipal district, Nikolai Barannik, expressed his gratitude to everyone who took part in the preparation and implementation of the project.

The MiG-29 became the second combat aircraft immortalized in Andreapol.

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