A mini-shelter burned down in the Kuban, part of the animals suffocated from smoke

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On August 4, a mini-shelter for rescued animals burned down in the Temryuk district of the Krasnodar Territory. This was announced by the head of the shelter Galina Aliyeva. She said that some of the animals could not be saved – 15 dogs suffocated from the smoke while sleeping. The tragedy took place early in the morning.

In a private house, which became a platform for a shelter, the wiring of the refrigerator was shorted, which led to a fire. Various medicines and vaccines, clothes, bed linen, furniture, dishes, air conditioner, and a washing machine disappeared in the fire. The refrigerator itself burned down.

Now the shelter needs help. For more information on how and how you can help the shelter, see the organizer’s Instagram account.

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