A member of the Federation Council proposed to recognize “trash streams” as an aggravating circumstance

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Streaming on the network should be made an aggravating circumstance in the course of imposing punishment for crimes, believes Irina Rukavishnikova, first deputy chairman of the Federation Council committee on constitutional legislation.

According to her, if you analyze in detail the content of trash streams, then you can find several elements of the Criminal Code in them: insults, hooliganism, injury or murder. The legislator believes that if this is broadcast on the network in real time, then such streams should be made an aggravating circumstance when choosing a punishment.

Rukavishnikova emphasized that the development of normative acts that would regulate this area is really ripe and requires detailed discussion with the expert community, as well as a balanced and multilateral approach. For the spring session, the upper chamber has outlined a round table dedicated to this issue as well.

During the stream of video blogger Reeflay on December 2, it turned out that the girl who was in the frame had died. Without stopping the broadcast, the young man called doctors and the police. The ambulance team established the death of the girl.

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