A medical helicopter delivered a poisoned child to Ryazan

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An airborne helicopter delivered a one and a half year old boy from Kasimov to Ryazan, who was poisoned by a toxic substance. This was reported by the press service of the regional Ministry of Health.

According to the ministry, initially the child was taken to the Kasimov medical center. His condition was assessed as serious, and the baby was developing respiratory failure. A decision was made to transport the patient to Ryazan, RIA 7info writes.

In a helicopter, the boy was hooked up to a ventilator. Now he is in the intensive care unit of the children’s clinical hospital. N.V. Dmitrieva in Ryazan. The baby’s condition is still serious.

The Ministry of Health of the Ryazan Region received an air ambulance helicopter at the end of July. The equipment was handed over to the department within the framework of the regional project “Development of the primary health care system” of the national project “Health”.

On July 27, the helicopter made its first flight to Kasimov. He delivered the little girl to the R. N.V. Dmitrieva. The child received a thermal burn.

Then the chief doctor of the OKB Dmitry Khubezov said that the sanitary aviation of the Ryazan region was necessary. The service will help to quickly provide medical care to victims of road accidents, severe patients and children.

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