A lawsuit was filed for the bankruptcy of the developer of the residential complex “Molodezhny” in Tula

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According to the website “Electronic Justice” of Russian arbitration courts, last Friday, September 4, Versta LLC filed a bankruptcy claim against Aurora-Grinn LLC.

The case was registered by the Tula Arbitration Court under the number А68-8462 / 2020.

LLC “Aurora-Grinn” is the developer of the residential complex “Molodezhny” within the boundaries of Bolshaya Tula.

In total, over the period of its existence since April 22, 2015, 54 claims have been filed in the arbitration court against the developer. The last of them against LLC “Aurora-Grinn” was filed by JSC “TNS ENERGO TULA” in August this year. The power engineers demanded to recover from the LLC a debt for electricity in the amount of 181 832 rubles 27 kopecks. Prior to that, the Tula Vodokanal was suing the developer

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