A gang of terrorist accomplices identified after an attack on police officers in Moscow

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The police identified a gang that was engaged in the production of fake documents in the Moscow region, in particular, for terrorists traveling to the Middle East to participate in hostilities. This was reported by the REN TV channel on August 11.

Among the clients of the criminals were those who wanted to travel to the territory of the Middle East to participate in hostilities as part of international extremist and terrorist gangs, as well as those who are on the federal wanted list for committing grave and especially grave crimes.

Members of the group, for a monetary reward, prepared documents for foreigners to create the appearance of a legal stay in Russia.

It is reported that law enforcement officers managed to identify the organizers and active members of the criminal group.

Among them are 33-year-old Abdurashid Akbarov, 25-year-old Hilola Gaibnazarova, 44-year-old Bahrom Gaipov, 43-year-old Bakhodir Nasimov, 32-year-old Nadira Niyazova, 55-year-old Nurkul Yusupova, 59-year-old Mazahir Mamedov and 38-year-old Zulaykho Sakhibova. Each participant performed certain functions and received income for the work.

Thirteen addresses of the suspects’ residence were identified, as well as places of storage of printing equipment. In addition, three clandestine laboratories producing forged documents were discovered. One of them was located in the “Veschevaya Yarmarka” shopping center on Novoyasenevsky prospect.

Searches and detentions are carried out at the addresses of the criminals. The issue of initiating a criminal case on the fact of organizing illegal migration is being resolved.

According to the TV channel, on August 1, a conflict with the participation of migrants took place near the shopping center “Stuff Fair”: a crowd of foreign citizens recaptured the detainee from the guards. The incident was captured on video.
The footage shows how dozens of people, shouting obscene words, opened the door of an official car and dragged their friend out of the cabin. Some of the participants in the scuffle pushed the police and tried to deal with another detainee who was in the car.

On August 4, a conflict was reported between a drunken violator of parking rules and police on Novoyasenevsky Prospekt. Eyewitnesses stood up for the rowdy – the participants in the conflict were taken to the territorial police department. The Main Investigation Directorate of the Investigative Committee for Moscow noted that the police constantly reveal violations of migration legislation on the territory of shopping facilities on Novoyasenevsky Prospekt.

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