A five-year-old boy fell out of a hospital window in Chita

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In Chita, a five-year-old boy fell out of a window on the third floor of the Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital, Chita.Ru reports on Monday, February 8.

The medical facility is located on Novobulvarnaya Street. The child and his mother came to the hospital from Borzinsky district for a course of treatment before eye surgery.

“They didn’t put my mother with him, they said that because of the epidemic it was not allowed. She asked for a paid ward – they said that it was also not allowed. Yesterday he lay for the second day. <…> After four hours, the mother called and was told that the child had dropped out. He is in a coma, brain contusion, fractures, ”said the boy’s aunt.

According to the head physician of the children’s hospital, Vladimir Komarov, an accident was the cause of the incident. The child is now in intensive care in serious condition. He was immersed in a drug-induced coma.

Earlier, on February 6, it was reported that a two-year-old child died in a sauna during a birthday celebration in Novosibirsk. The boy fell into a pool of water, he was found already unconscious.

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