A fire broke out in a national park in the Saratov region

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A fire broke out in the Khvalynsky National Park in the Saratov region, the press service of the regional government said on Tuesday, May 4.

“A horse fire has engulfed 2 hectares of forest. The situation is complicated by strong winds. The head of the region (Valery Radaev. – Ed.) Set the task to take measures to prevent the spread of fire to settlements, ”the regional government said in Telegram.

The fire is extinguished by the fire department, forestry and the park service, and deputy chairmen Alexander Soloviev and Roman Kovalsky also left for the site. The situation was taken under control by Prime Minister Roman Busargin.

The regional headquarters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that there is no threat to settlements due to a fire in the national park, seven units of equipment of the Ministry of Natural Resources are working on the spot.

Earlier, on April 30, a criminal case was opened in the Irkutsk region against a shepherd who provoked a forest fire.

The man lay down to rest in the field with an unextinguished cigarette. As a result, there was a fire, the area of ​​which was 134 hectares.