A drunk driver with a Bryansk license plate tore apart the fence at the Pskov main post office

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A drunken motorist with license plates from Bryansk broke up a fence near the Pskov main post office on October Square. The incident took place in the early morning of August 7, the Pskov News Feed reports this with reference to the traffic police department of the UMVD for the city of Pskov.

At 4 o’clock in the morning, the 34-year-old driver and his 35-year-old friend were driving around the city in a Volkswagen Polo. In the center of Pskov, a motorist suddenly lost control of a car. First, the foreign car drove in a circle in the center of the square, then pulled off the road, ran over a stone, then – on a metal fence and a road sign.

As a result, on Sovetskaya, 20, the car capsized.

The car received serious technical damage. The people in it also suffered serious injuries. Doctors diagnosed the driver with a concussion and a closed head injury, as well as bruises and wounds. Both the driver and the passenger were hospitalized in the Skov regional hospital.

By the way, the doctors found out: both the driver and his friend were “under the degree.”

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