A detailed guide to Instagram ads and how to channelize sponsored ads for boosting your brand

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Instagram is literally peerless in terms of brand awareness and promotion. Getting more followers is proportional to getting more traffic, more engagement, and definitely more revenue.

  • The sponsored posts and ads on IG are a superb way to enhance your reach, gain more followers, and promote brand awareness. IG sponsored or promoted posts are organic content on the platform.
  • While doing this, you aren’t tailoring an entirely new advert with the same creative design, but creating the same post engagement.
  • They resemble other forms of Instagram ads. It’s just like other ad options on the platform. You can choose your targeting domain.
  • If you use authentic, in-app promoted posts, you can boost your content and select an audience on the basis of their interests, location, and age.
  • It’s both simplified and limited. These posts appear strictly on IG, but you can also drive traffic to your account and add the concerned URL with an active button.
  • Many brands use Ad Managers tool for running engagement-centric posts.

You can also choose your previous Instagram post and then leverage each targeting option and place your ad likewise. It helps in transferring your IG engagement to your organic posts, thereby bolstering your campaign.

Fundamentals of Instagram Advertising

It’s basically a payment method for posting sponsored content on your platform. It helps in tapping on more targeted and larger audience.

While you’ve multiple reasons for a person or brand to advertise, you often utilize IG advertising for amplifying your brand exposure, enhancing website traffic, and creating new leads, and percolating the latest leads and trends down the social media funnel. It can also lead to conversions.

  • Being a visual abode, text ads don’t suffice on Instagram. You need a video, set of pictures, or an image, and lace it with text for targeting your followers with IG ads. So, is it viable for your business?
  • To answer this question, you need to know the ones who are on the platform. Check out the age groups that take selfies. Check if those under 20 are looking for new things, recipes, fashion lines, or fitness regimes.

Hootsuite clearly underlines that the bulk of Instagrammers live in urban settings. Only 15-18% of users live in the county side. The gender gap, which once had more women than men, is slowly narrowing.

Advertisers need to understand that Instagram implements FB demographic data for delivering adverts to the appropriate and targeted parties. If you’re looking for niche market, the ads tool is a fantastic option for your brand.

Reasons to advertise on the platform

The upsurge of Instagram as a leading social media platform is undeniable. Figures show that the number of brands using IG for marketing has tripled since 2018. Businesses need to leverage Instagram advertising to promote their products or services.

  • Anybody can advertise on Instagram. Since FB owns this platform, you can reach audiences with its data.
  • You get limitless follower engagement on Instagram and if you’re using dedicated sites to get free Instagram likes, the count will be more.
  • Brands can interact with followers in their photos’ comment section. You can choose from six advertising formats in this regard.
  • Four ads cater to Instagram feed strictly, while the remaining two cater to Instagram Stories.

These are photo ads, video ads, slideshow ads, and carousel ads. To create ads, you need to select the right media, links, and text to create one or numerous ads.

  • Carousel allows you to create an advert with two or more scrollable videos or pictures. Single image section creates a total of six ads. You can include one picture each at no extra cost.
  • The Single video type allows you to create an advertisement with one video. In slideshow models, you can create a scintillating video, which runs in loop with at least ten images.

Categorizing and describing ads

Photo ads help you in telling story through a beautiful, simple, and neat creative canvas. Your images can be portrait, landscape, or square.

  • Video ads provide the same visually compelling quality and texture as photo ads. It has the added element of motion, sound, and sight. You can now share 60-seconds long videos.
  • Carousel ads let you add an extra layer of dimension to your marketing campaigns. Users can swipe up or sideways to see extra videos or photos in one ad.
  • Instagram Stories ads provide an immersive, engaging, and creative ad format (full-screen). You can design them for ensuring action. Brands use cutting-edge user-centric measurement analytics of FB.

To design your advert, select your audience, objective, and format in a dedicated Ads Manager. It’s also important to determine your budget. Brands need to decide the duration of their ads in accordance with the budget they tailor them with.

After your ad is ready, you can publish it by clicking on the concerned button. The platform sends you a notification after approving your ad and making it ready to run.

Running sponsored ads

The very first step is to login to your Facebook business account. In the second step, go to the blue bar on top and tap on its download arrow. You can find it near the Quick Help button.

  • In the immediate next Drop-down box, press the Create ads button. It will transport you to the Ads Manager page of Facebook.
  • In the third step, the site will ask you to set a marketing goal. You can typically classify these goals as awareness, conversion, and consideration. After selecting the one you deem fit for your brand, you need to provide a suitable campaign name. You can then press the Continue button.
  • In the fourth step, select and set your ad campaign’s parameters. It also provides a detailed targeting segment. Facebook also provides the option of adding people on the basis of connection. Press save this Audience and name it.
  • The fifth step is about ad placement. You can either customize or automate your ad. If you want to confine it to IG stories or feeds, you can click on Edit Placements and select the right options.

Step 7 will show a preview of the ad. If everything looks fine, press the Confirm button. Your sponsored ad is all set to go live.

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