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The first step of health wellness for every pet parent is to examine their pet’s current health condition and lifestyle. This may seem confusing, but to enhance your pet’s health, you must first understand where you need to start.


How does wellbeing impact the longevity of your pet?

Longevity is an interesting word because it emphasizes your pet’s quality and span of life. Your veterinarian may take a few body measurements, assess your pet’s current weight, and calculate a Body Condition Score (BCS) to evaluate your pet’s health.


As a result, the vet can identify problems earlier and devise a strategy for vets to prevent them for the better well-being of your pets. You must understand that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment.”


What are some dog wellness recommendations?

Depending on your pet’s age, the wellness measures include routine dental screening, vaccinations, preventative treatment, laboratory tests, and X-rays. Control of fleas, ticks, and heartworm is also part of a general health and preventive care plan.


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What are some environmental factors that can affect your dog’s wellness?

Seasonal changes are significant, and allergies, heatstroke and foxtail are common in the summer. However it may differ depending on your location. So, environmental changes indicate that you should take your pet to the veterinarian for preventative care and wellness checkups.


Why is it so important to detect health problems in my dog?

When it comes to several diseases that affect your pets, spotting them early can significantly affect how well they can be handled. Early detection can add years to the life of your pet. Changes in behaviours, mood, appetite and even toilet habits can indicate something wrong with your pet. At your pet’s wellness appointments, share anything you notice.

It would be best if you told your veterinarian even the minute detail you notice in your pet’s behaviour so that they can manage the situation. 


If you have any queries about what you should feed, consult your veterinarian. A lot depends on your pet’s age and lifestyle. Based on the stages of life that your pets go through, there are various food products available in the market. Discuss it with your vet, as it is one of the critical queries to ask during a pet’s regular wellness checkups.

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