A collection of abstracts of game lessons has been prepared for Kalmyk children

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In Kalmykia, a collection of abstracts of game activities for preschool children has been published.

The collection “Dolgan”, prepared by a group of teachers led by Vladimir Mushaev, head of the Kalmyk language, Mongolian and Altaic department, Kalmyk State University named after Basan Gorodovikov, is a textbook for educators and teachers of preschool educational institutions. It includes outlines of play lessons for junior, middle, senior and preparatory groups of children in the Kalmyk language.

The staff of the Institute of Kalmyk Philology and Oriental Studies of Kalm State University, the Kalmyk Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan participated in the compilation of the collection. By the decision of the administration of KalmSU, all kindergartens and libraries of the republic will receive the new edition free of charge.

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