A Chita citizen received a lawsuit for 1 million rubles for fraud with a counter

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The company “Chitaenergosbyt” filed a lawsuit against a resident of the Trans-Baikal Territory for fraud with a meter. This was reported on December 19 by Chita.ru with reference to the Chernovsky District Court.

The employees of the company, who checked the meter, doubted the correctness of accounting for the consumed electricity, when consumption compared to previous periods decreased significantly.

“Visually, the meter was technically sound, but according to the results of the check, it was found that a radio module was installed in the device, which was controlled remotely from the remote control,” the authorities noted.

During the consideration of the case, the man did not recognize the claims, but the court of first instance ordered to recover more than 960 thousand rubles, specifies the Federal News Agency. The plaintiff demanded the recovery of 1 million 14 thousand rubles.

As decided by the court of appeal, up to 393.6 thousand rubles are subject to recovery from the defendant.

In October, it was reported that the business urged to abandon the widespread installation of “smart” meters for electricity metering in homes. According to preliminary estimates, 45 million new meters will need to be installed in the next 16 years, which will require from 630 billion to 1.1 trillion rubles.

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