6 reasons why weight does not go away

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As reported by RIA Novosti with reference to dietitian Svetlana Fus, everyone who is losing weight sooner or later faces weight loss.

A slimmer can try his best and control nutrition, rest, sleep and physical activity, but in the end the body adapts to a new life and builds a renewed metabolism, hence weight retention appears.

There can be several reasons for stopping weight and renewing metabolism during weight loss: too little food, after which the body turns on defense mechanisms. Or overeating, when people inadequately estimate the amount they eat, hoping to lose calories in training.

The third reason is monotonous training, after which the weight ceases to go away. The fourth reason is overwork, the fifth reason is fluid retention in the body, associated with the fact that a person eats too much salty food or does not drink enough water, and the body protects itself by accumulating fluid.

Sixth reason monotonous food when the menu contains the same products. A shortage of nutrients is triggered, and the body, in order to compensate for them, begins to take them from internal reserves, which leads to a stop of weight and even to early aging of the skin.

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