6 Must-own Pieces of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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Do you own a restaurant or catering business? Studies show that sit-down restaurants and cafes make up over 40% of Australia’s restaurants, according to The-Drop. Like other industries, it’s important to have the right commercial kitchen equipment when serving up meat pies, chicken parmigiana, or Vegemite on toast. Besides your company’s employees and recipes, quality equipment is one of the most important assets.

Here are some must-have items you should consider including in your kitchen:

Charcoal Chicken Machine

Grilled chicken is one of the most popular methods for cooking the popular poultry. It’s a healthier option than frying, which often results in a greasy mess. Backyard BBQs are popular during the summertime, but a charcoal chicken machine can provide the dish throughout the year.

Another benefit of charcoal grilling is the charcoal-based taste it provides. Many people prefer the smoky flavour of charcoal barbies versus other options like gas grills or oven-baked chicken. In fact, different types of charcoal can also provide slightly different results.

Double Boiler

A double boiler is required for many recipes. For example, a holiday recipe might require you to melt chocolate in a double boiler then dip cookies.

As the name suggests, a double boiler is simply two pots. It includes a large one that looks like a saucepan, and a shallow pan that sits inside the large pot.

The system works by adding some water to the bottom pan, then placing the shallow pan atop it. This creates a light yet steady heat to the top pan.


Burgers, hotcakes, and hash browns are just some of the items you can cook on griddles. They’re a more practical option for restaurant and catering applications when you have to prepare ten egg sandwiches instead of one.

Pizza Ovens

Studies show that pepperoni, pineapple and bacon, and six meats are among Australia’s most popular pizza toppings. While a basic oven is ideal for cooking one pizza at home, it’s not practical for commercial purposes.

A pizza oven provides several benefits over standard ovens. They’re designed to cook several pizza pies at one time. Besides that, you can also cook other items in the oven that also require high temperatures. This makes the unit versatile. Rib-eye steak, baked fish, and roasted veggies are other items that are ideal for cooking in a pizza oven.

Wok Burner

This kitchen equipment is ideal for cooking Asian cuisines such as Chinese, Japanese, and Thai dishes. The wok is specially designed, so areas like the base and sides maintain different heat levels. Commercial-size woks can be quite large, so it’s practical to consider wok burners. You can also use the burners for other high-pressure cooking.

Coffee Machines

The average Australian consumed about 1.9kg of coffee in 2019, according to Statista. When you need to serve more than a coffee pot’s worth of java, coffee machines are a practical option.

This allows you to brew a large batch of coffee at one time, while automation provides the perfect cup each time. Besides basic coffee machines, you can also secure other options like espresso machines for your customers. This option is ideal for regular customers who prefer an iced caramel macchiato.

When you have to prepare a large amount of food for restaurant and catering businesses, commercial kitchen equipment can be very practical. It’s perfect for grilling chicken, frying burgers, or baking pizzas. When the work is done, you could even enjoy a latte or cappuccino from your espresso machine.

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