5 Uses of Natural Perfumes

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The world has been in the use of artificial chemicals and products for a long time now. Perfumes are one of the essentials that have been in use by people for old times, however, the manufacturing of perfumes nowadays has inculcated many issues. The harmfulness of the chemicals used in making perfumes has become devastating. Many ailments and diseases have erupted that were not known in the past, due to the extreme usage of artificial products. Today, people are getting inclined towards the use of organic and natural products. Perfumes or scents can also be extracted naturally in an organic manner that has more benefits than artificially produced, chemical-based scents. Here are five uses of natural perfumes.

No Harmful Ingredients

One basic reason to switch to natural scents is that they do not use any harmful chemicals or products. It has been seen that some chemicals used in perfume production cause irritation and rashes to the skin and may also promote skin diseases. The avoidance of harmful ingredients in natural scents makes them more favorable for every skin type. Most truly natural products like the use of Myrrh essential oil at Frankincense Pure clearly and honestly disclose each ingredient that goes into the making of your expected product.

Therapeutic Effects

Natural products often give a relaxing and therapeutic vibe. Many people suggest using natural scents to relieve stress. The psychological studies also advise aromatherapy, which uses natural organic scents to calm the body and brain. Massaging natural scented oils in the body or head provide instant relief from tangled-up thoughts and strained muscles. Derived from botanical sources like leaves, flowers, seeds, bark, saps, and fruit, the essential oils used in natural perfumes offer an array of physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

Animal Protection

The chemical-based perfumes are a much threat to animals. The chemicals are often extracted from the animals due to which their rearing and killing have become common. Many global fragrance brands use animal by-products in their blends. Moreover, the chemical perfumes are also tested on animals first before being brought into the market, thus causing a potential risk to their lives. Switching to natural perfumes and scents gives release to animals as well.


The use of natural resources instead of man-made ones is always eco-friendly. Similarly, the utilization of natural scents makes them environmentally friendly and places a less burden on the atmosphere where we live. Ylang, lemon, rose, myrrh, tea-tree, lavender, and many more, the options in the natural scents are quite vast and you can easily choose your favorite perfume scent without damaging the environment.

Play Part in Society

By choosing natural products over chemical ones, you are actually playing your part in the benefit of the environment. Being a responsible citizen doesn’t only mean paying taxes or being positive towards others, rather these small acts also help to nourish the environment and nurture it. Opting for natural scents helps the farmers, gardeners, botanical experts. When you use a natural product, you are supporting the very people who genuinely care about producing premium ingredients, and at the same time acknowledging the lengthy process that happens between seed to scent.