4 Ways That Indoor Plants Can Improve Sydney Homes and Offices

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Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales, is home to the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge – two of the country’s most popular landmarks. Tourists and locals also flock to Bondi Beach, the Burragorang State Conservation Area, and many more of the earth’s creations in Sydney.

Over five million people live in the city, and all of them love being close to nature. This is apparent even in their homes and offices, with the presence of the most beautiful indoor plants Sydney has to offer. Having indoor plants has many benefits, and here are some of them.

Plants Help Improve Indoor Air Quality

Some people do not realise it, but the air inside homes and buildings is more susceptible to pollution, especially if ventilation is poor. When pollutants manage to get inside, they tend to stay there. This presents a health hazard, especially to people who stay inside for long hours.

While improving ventilation will help fix the issue, a better option is to invest in the best indoor plants Sydney has to offer. Plants are capable of phytoremediation, the process of scrubbing pollutants from the air. This was popularised by NASA in the 1980s in their search for ways to improve indoor air quality inside a sealed aircraft. They found out that the roots and soil of indoor plants reduced the level of volatile organic compounds or VOCs in the air.

Caring for Indoor Plants Can Help Reduce Stress

With the ongoing global pandemic, more people are choosing to stay indoors. While this is better in the context of COVID-19, it does have an impact on the emotional and mental well-being of people.

Having many indoor plants can help reduce the anxiety and stress that comes with being cooped up inside for a long period. Caring for these plants can be therapeutic, especially for people who like being closer to nature.

Indoor Plants Can Help Boost Productivity

With their ability to reduce stress and anxiety, indoor plants make for ideal officemates. This is supported by several studies showing how offices with many indoor plants are more productive.

In one particular study done in a school’s computer laboratory, students worked 12% faster and were less stressed while working with indoor plants nearby. In a stressful environment like an office, one way to boost productivity is by investing in some of the best indoor plants Sydney has to offer.

Aside from reducing the stress levels in an office, indoor plants can also help improve the health of workers. Some buildings are made of synthetic materials that give off toxic emissions. Older buildings may have mold infestations that could cause allergies and many other symptoms.

A healthier workforce will lead to fewer absences or missed workdays. It would also reduce insurance claims from hospitalizations and illnesses. Investing in indoor plants can help ensure the continuity of businesses.

Indoor Plants Can Help in Your Recovery

A study done in 2002 showed that patients who were exposed to indoor plants while recovering spent fewer days in the hospital and needed less medication for pain. Patients that did not have access to indoor plants did not perform as well as the other group. While this research was done in a hospital setting, there is no reason to believe that it would not work at home and in other situations.

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