300 cars have been evacuated in Pskov due to improper parking since the beginning of the year

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Since the beginning of the year, 300 cars have been evacuated due to improper parking in Pskov.

On August 12, the head of the UGIBDD in the city of Pskov, Vladimir Paport, spoke about this on the Echo of Moscow radio in Pskov.

“I think 300 drivers will think after that whether it is necessary to park the car where the prohibiting sign is,” says Vladimir Paport.

He called this approach prevention for the future – the driver from whom the tow truck took the car is unlikely to commit such a violation again.

“When buying a car, any driver must understand that he must strictly follow the rules of the road. How to drive, where to park a car without breaking it is the responsibility of the driver, ”Vladimir Paport stressed.

As for the cars abandoned in the courtyards for a long time, now it is the prerogative of the city administration, Vladimir Paport specified. “Even if information about such transport gets to us, we transmit it to the municipality within seven days,” he said.

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