30-year-old Russian mathematician received the prestigious New Horizons Prize

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The Breakthrough Prize Foundation has announced the winners of some of the world’s most prestigious science awards, the Breakthrough Prize and the New Horizons Prize for 2021. The awards were presented to scientists involved in the synthesis of proteins, including those necessary for the treatment of COVID-19, researchers of dark matter and energy, as well as the author of works on the theory of probability. The winner of the New Horizons Prize was the Russian Alexander Logunov, who was awarded for the development of new methods for studying solutions of elliptic equations. Now he works in the American Princeton. In 2015 he defended his Ph.D. thesis on the topic “On the boundary properties of harmonic functions” at the St. Petersburg State University under the direction of Viktor Petrovich Khavin. He worked at the P.L. Chebyshev Research Laboratory of Saint Petersburg State University and Tel Aviv University. Loginov was born in Perm in 1989

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