30-year-old American woman reveals lifestyle rules

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US resident Dawn Hubsher, 60, looks like the same age as her 30-year-old daughter Cher. In an interview with the Daily Mail on August 7, the woman revealed the secret of her “eternal youth.”

Dawn Hubsher and Cher Habsher live in Florida and New York and are often confused with each other, they say.

The mother and daughter even started a common Instagram account, which has 75,000 followers. “The guys I met always said, ‘I know what you’re going to look like in 30 years,” says Cher. The girl noted that people often mistake them with their mothers for sisters, while once a friend of the mother talked to her daughter, thinking that he was talking to the mother.

“My daughter helps me keep up with new styles and trends,” Dawn said. Mother and daughter have the same size of clothes, they often change images. The mother also goes in for sports, prefers a vegetable and fruit menu, sleeps a lot, uses the right amount of water and takes care of her skin.

“Age is just numbers. The most important thing is a positive attitude, ”the woman is sure. Once mother and daughter were confused even by Cher’s 30-year-old husband Jared Hopman.

“Once my mother and I were wearing the same color. Since we both have long dark hair, we are similar in the back. My husband came up to my mother and hit her on the buttocks, thinking that it was me, ”said the daughter.

In July, a scientist at the University of Edinburgh, Dr. Rupi Auila, discussed what foods to add to your diet to feel good and look young. Proper nutrition is extremely important for maintaining healthy and youthful skin, the specialist noted.

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