3 TV Installation Mistakes You Could Avoid by Hiring a Professional

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Brisbane is the state capital of Queensland and the third-most populated city in Australia. It is one of the oldest cities in the country and also among its most diverse. Still, Brisbane is a global city and one of Australia’s major economic hubs.

Over 2.5 million Brisbanites enjoy the excellent living conditions in the city. It has major landmarks such as the Queensland Museum and the Gallery of Modern Art. It is also home to many tourist and recreation areas like the South Bank Parklands and the City Botanic Gardens.

When it comes to media entertainment, Brisbanites have access to five of Australia’s major television networks. There are also cable and satellite providers, aside from the streaming companies.

If you live anywhere in Brisbane, having a TV set would be a great source of entertainment at home. Just make sure to hire professionals in the TV installation Brisbane area. This will help you avoid the common mistakes in mounting or installing TV sets.

Misjudging the Height of the Wall Mount

To the untrained eye, the TV’s height is not important. Most people do not know that it is one of the biggest factors that impact the viewing experience. This situation is common in hotel rooms where there is not much freedom to choose the correct height for the TV panel.

A few seconds of viewing time in this situation is enough to tell guests that there is something off about the TV. Aside from not having the best perspective of the screen, it can put a strain on the neck and eyes. Hiring a professional will ensure that you avoid this cardinal mistake and that you get the best TV viewing experience at home.

Not Getting the Angle Right

Aside from the TV’s height, the panel’s angle has a significant effect on your viewing experience. While most TV wall mounts can be pivoted, their adjustable angles do have limits. No amount of pivoting can make up for instances where the TV wall mount is completely off-centre.

To avoid this mistake and get the best viewing experience, have your TV installed by professionals. These experts know which wall mounts would go best with your TV set and where the best position is for your viewing habits.

Unsafe Installations

The principle behind the TV installation Brisbane area appears simple, but there are things that you have to keep in mind. One is the structural integrity of the wall you are mounting it on. Most TV panels today are relatively thin, but they still weigh a lot, especially if you consider transferring this weight to the drywall.

Aside from the wall’s integrity, it would help if you also considered the wiring and plumbing inside the walls. Without proper training, you could end up hitting pipes and electrical connections.

All these factors could create an unsafe situation for you and your family in many ways. The TV set could fall and injure someone. Electrocutions are also a possibility. Not to mention the cost involved in hospital bills, home repairs, and getting a replacement TV set. Things would be a lot simpler, easier, and safer if you hire the best TV installation Brisbane has to offer.

Call in the Professionals

If you are looking to install a new TV set at home, hiring a professional is your best bet. It is the safest and most effective way to get the best viewing experience for you and your family.

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