3 Places With the Best Wax Melt Making Kit – Experts’ Advice

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Are you looking for a new relaxing routine? Enjoying the warmth fragrance of your wax melt can be a really peaceful activity that you can enjoy with your entire family, a group of friends or having a good time by yourself. During current times, most of us spend quite a long part of the day at home, so picking up an activity or hobby like burning your scented wax melt can help to prevent anxiety and stress, getting your mind in a positive mood and sense of order. One of the things that will be a great aid in this regard is to get a wax melt-making kit, which provides you with all the necessary elements to get you started. However, since not all kits display the same quality, we will let you know which options are better, so read on and get creative for your next set of scented wax melt.

1. DIY Cosmetics UK

If you want to start from scratch, this wax melt starter kit offered by DIY Cosmetics UK might be a good option for you, including all the elements that you will need to begin your own production of wax melts, from the wax, to the fragrance, moulds and gloves, everything is included, and you will receive enough materials to prepare about 20 wax melts. This set is structured especially for new creators but if you already have some experience can also have a great time. If you love these ingredients so much, the good news is that you can order them individually once you finish the products from the kit.

2. Rachel’s Hope Candle Co.

This is a wax melt starting kit that can be a great gift for that special person who, either would love to get started in the hobbie of burning wax melts or has been doing it for some time. If you get invited to a baby shower or a birthday party, this will definitely be an amazing present. When you place your order for this set, you will be getting one tea light wax melter as well as one little vial of matches, four small tea lights and two wax melts with your preferred fragrance. The biggest pro is that this is a very complete kit, including all the necessary things to get you started, while the disadvantage of this kit is that it is not electric and therefore uses fire, which can be a hassle for people that value safety.

3. Oh My Melt

Our favorite option out there is Oh My Melt, which offers a wide range of wax melt gift sets, you can find several great deals for all budgets. If you are all about high-quality products, delightful scents and saving time, this set of fragranced wax melts is definitely your go to. This can be the perfect gift for any event. All kits include a variety of wax melts and an awesome electric burner that is beautiful, functional and safe to use. If you are not sure which set you should give as a present, you can also purchase a gift card.