2022 was the year of weight loss for these celebrities!

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With the rising obesity rates in the United States, we often hear about celebrities who are either gaining weight or trying to lose it. It’s always inspiring to see how committed they are to losing weight, especially when many of them have busy careers and active families that make it difficult to find time to exercise and eat healthy. It’s also great that we get to see the results of their hard work, which may even inspire us to live healthier ourselves! Here are seven celebrities who lost weight in 2022! We hope you enjoy!


Scarlett Johansson

In 2022, Scarlett Johansson found herself in an unusual position: Her age was a secret. It’s not uncommon for actresses to keep their ages under wraps, but normally it’s because they have just had a birthday. Not Johansson. It turns out that by 2022, even super-celebrities couldn’t get away with claiming they were 30 years old forever—or at least not without facing media backlash. Suddenly Hollywood wasn’t such a fountain of youth after all; and celebrities aged as they did in real life. The result? Well, you probably already know: Weight gain. And lots of it. Stars like Johansson gained enough pounds to almost seem unrecognizable in public, thanks to genetics and hormones plus simple aging (even though we all know she’s only about 28). That said, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that stars like her actually looked pretty good—better than ever actually. Their added curves accentuated their beauty rather than hiding behind skinny jeans and pantsuits (and who can forget how wonderful mom jeans looked on everyone?). But what’s clear is that everyone was still eating healthy foods and getting plenty of exercise – they simply weren’t obsessing over dieting or fitness regimens like many people do today.


Kylie Jenner

Reality TV star Kylie Jenner gained fame at an early age by starring on Keeping Up with The Kardashians and has since become a powerful young woman. A lifetime of magazine covers and paparazzi shots left her insecure about her looks, but she has learned to love herself in spite of what others may think. In 2022, she lost 50 pounds after changing up her diet and exercising regularly. As proof that even famous people can deal with self-esteem issues and body image problems, she even posed on a magazine cover while sporting underwear that hid her figure completely. By not being afraid to embrace how she looks without makeup or photoshop, Kylie is encouraging other women to do the same.

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Kim Kardashian

Keeping up with what she saw as a healthy lifestyle, Kim cut carbs out of her diet and started eating more vegetables. The result? Kim dropped from 177 pounds to 135 pounds, which gave her a smaller waistline and helped her maintain a healthier appearance overall. Now you might not be able to match Kim’s results (and you certainly shouldn’t feel pressured to try), but if you want to look like her now and in 2022, you could benefit from following a similar plan. If you want to lose 10 pounds over 6 months like Kim did, eat fewer carbohydrates and watch your portions; as with most plans that promise fast results, it can be too restrictive—but it will teach you how your body reacts when it goes through periods of feast or famine.


Doja Cat

Doja cat has documented her weight loss process on social media, so fans have seen it all—from selfies that showed off Doja Cat’s new body to clips from a candid interview where she revealed that she’d lost an incredible 60 pounds since taking time off from music. This change may be due in part to Doja Cat’s decision to cut out processed foods and stick with whole foods like fresh fruits and vegetables instead. But if you ask us, we think there might be something else at play here: As many celebrities have discovered over time, weight loss can be more fun when you surround yourself with other people who are doing it too!


Jessica Alba

In 2022, Jessica Alba decided to take better care of herself and vowed to lose 50 pounds. She accomplished her goal with a strict workout regimen and healthier eating habits. By following a diet that focused on lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, she dropped those extra pounds in no time flat. Once she started feeling better about herself, she even got pregnant with twins!


Hilary Duff

In late 2022, Hilary Duff made headlines when she revealed that her hiatus from Hollywood wasn’t just about spending time with her young children—she’d also been dealing with an eating disorder and hadn’t recognized it as such. She went on to reveal that her difficulties began during filming for a Disney Channel movie and were compounded by a stressful life in Hollywood. I would get up in the morning and go run because I could control my food intake better if I exercised, she said, recalling how she compensated without even realizing what she was doing. It just got worse and worse over time because I didn’t really realize what it was.


Chrissy Teigen

Teigen has said she gained some weight after giving birth to her second child, Miles, but she has since lost about 40 pounds. She credits portion control and a low-carb diet as key to her success. I’m not hungry all day long anymore, she told Cosmopolitan in June 2018. And I don’t really feel deprived because I’m eating foods that I like and that are good for me. And my body is responding well—I have more energy than ever before and am stronger than ever before.