Seven Simple Ways To Attract The Right Crowd To Your Event!

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1) Define specifically who is your right crowd, or the ideal attendee.

Don’t just say “business owner”, be more specific than that – say “business owners that have at least $1 million in revenue turnover”. If you are selling comfy, trendy maternity wear to women, and want to organize a fashion show, don’t just say ” young mothers”. Say “young working mothers aged 20 to 35 who are hip, trendy and looking for affordable fashion that are comfortable” This will enable you to create an event programme that will be attractive for them.

2) Find them – Where are they hanging out?
Once you have define your audience, you must know where they are hanging out in large numbers. Do they belong to a certain trade association? Do they have the same profession? What clubs are they members of? Do they carry a credit card? And offer your event to these crowd.

3)Know what publication they read. What media do they tune in to?

Media owners will very gladly tell you who their target market is – just ask for their advertising kit. They will even let you in on the demographic breakdown of their readership/listeners/viewership. Advertise in the publication or do a joint venture with the publication of your choice.

4) Have A Charity Element

If you have a charity element tied to your event, people may be more receptive to come. The recent jazz/concert event held in Singapore recently to help the Japanese Tsunami victims is one such example. Or If you are organizing an event, advertise the fact that you will be donating a certain percentage of your event admission fees to a charity that you adopt.

5) Have a Keynote Speaker / Celebrity / Guest of Honour

By having a prominent figure to grace your event can do wonders. The media may want to cover your event – resulting in free publicity for you.  The person can be a respected figure in your industry, a celebrity author, well-known chef, a politician. Whoever you chose, the person must fit within your event theme and he or she must have a certain standing among the audience that you are targeting or have a large following.

6) Get Them To Win Something!

If you offer them an incentive or the chance to win something really big, that can be a draw for them to come to your event. Golf Tournaments for amateur golfers for example, may offer participants a chance to win a Mercedes Benz if they get a hole-in-one. Or think about what’s the latest and coolest gadget that people want to have and offer that for your next event................

7) Have An Exciting Theme!

A recent event I know attracts young, party-going ladies only to their event. Their theme: “Goddess Nite” and the event hires only hunky, gorgeous male servers and entertainers to er, entertain the crowd. 🙂