1,500 Karelian entrepreneurs compensated for the costs

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Entrepreneurs and legal entities have already received support for more than 400 million rubles this year. Until the end of the year, he receives about 48 million more, according to the Ministry of Economic Development of the republic. In total, almost 1,500 Karelian representatives of small and medium-sized businesses received subsidies for compensation of expenses.

The most popular were subsidies for the purchase of equipment, compensation for utility, rental, lease payments and interest rates.

In a pandemic, compensation for the cost of purchasing PPE, equipment intended for use in the production of personal protective equipment and disinfectants turned out to be in great demand.

The industries hardest hit by COVID-19 received additional assistance. In 2020, the ministry conducted six application campaigns (for registration in the register of victims). As part of the latest, held in December, entrepreneurs can offset the costs of germicidal irradiators, equipment for air and surface disinfection, protective partitions, thermometers and dispensers.

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