15 miraculous priests in a convent

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A Lebanese cleric, who has stayed in Quebec a few times, believes he survived “by a miracle” the explosions that took place a little over a kilometer from his convent in Beirut.

“We were 15 priests, and there were 15 miracles,” says Father Ziad Haddad, in the aftermath of the disaster that shook the Lebanese capital.

Even if the explosion of the windows of the convent injured three of his confreres, Father Haddad believes that the worst has been avoided.

As proof, a priest who celebrated Mass live on Facebook was thrown 6 meters, but came out without major injuries.

Worrying future

Unfortunately, the Sisters of Charity, neighbors of the Lazarist Fathers, lost one of their own in the tragedy.

Saddened by the news, Father Haddad is especially worried about the future of families in his neighborhood, where hundreds of houses have been thrown to the ground.

“Even before this problem, in Lebanon, there was great poverty”, alarmed the priest at the head of the Lazarist fathers in the East.

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