14m whale stranded on Bali beach

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The carcass of a whale nearly 14 meters long washed up on one of the most touristy beaches in Bali, Indonesia.

The local conservation agency said it was researching the causes of the death of the giant mammal that was found near the resort town of Seminyak in the south of the island.

“It was 13.8m long and 4m in diameter,” said Prawono Meruanto, an official with the agency, who identified it as likely a Bryde’s whale.

14m whale stranded on Bali beach

The cetacean was found by locals Thursday morning on Batu Belig beach.

Curious people quickly gathered to observe it, but in front of the strong odor given off by the carcass, the authorities buried it using an excavator.

In July ten smaller whales were found on a beach in Indonesia’s small eastern Sunda Islands region.

Residents managed to save one of them by releasing it.

Whales sometimes get trapped by contrary currents or get stranded near shore due to coral reefs.

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