137 people diagnosed with coronavirus in the Tambov region per day

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During the day, 137 people were diagnosed with coronavirus in the Tambov region. Among the cases, 45 men and 86 women aged 20 to 86 years, 6 children – from 11 to 17 years. There are no arrivals from other regions, all 137 are in contact with the sick.

For the entire time of the pandemic, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus disease is 23,836, including 5,445 without clinical manifestations. 21,705 people recovered: 10,408 were discharged from the hospital, 11,297 were removed from outpatient observation after recovery.

Today, 649 people are hospitalized in medical institutions of the region, 611 of them are diagnosed with pneumonia.

Under the supervision of doctors, 2691 patients comply with home quarantine. Of this number, there are 1188 confirmed cases.

For all the time, 42,547 people were removed from home observation, 14,950 were discharged from hospitals.

As of February 8 of this year, 16,292 people received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. 1,282 people underwent the first and second stages of vaccination.

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