12 CT scanners will appear in hospitals of the Volgograd region

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By the decision of the head of the region Andrei Bocharov, additional equipment has already been purchased. After the sanitary and epidemiological conclusion is received, it will be used to diagnose patients with suspected coronavirus.

This was announced at a recent briefing by the deputy chairman of the regional health department Nikolai Alimov.

He emphasized that in the near future the outpatient segment will receive a sanitary and epidemiological conclusion for 12 CT scanners.

“Thus, in the near future we will establish an outpatient examination of patients who are suspected of having a coronavirus infection,” Alimov added.

The deputy chairman emphasized that the examination is carried out if the patient is suspected of having pneumonia, and only as prescribed by the attending physician, Volgogradskaya Pravda.ru reports.

You cannot prescribe a CT scan on your own, since the procedure produces ionizing radiation on the body. It is done only on indications.

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