10 Ways to Beat the Heat Inside your Home

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House is one of the basic needs of human life and with this comes the obligation of maintaining it either by you or by your landlord, as the case may be. Doors and windows are a crucial part of a house which need to be looked after now and then. House window repair carries its own set of hassles.

Let us explore the 10 ways to beat the heat inside your home.

1.  Repair your windows:

Doors and windows are the main sources of heat inside the house. Depending upon the material used, it required appropriate repairing and maintenance. You should opt for the window with a double pane, double-hung window pane glass. That will help in the reduction of heat coming through the window. Keeping your windows closed and locked will also prevent cool air from escaping.


2.  No cracks, No leaks between the window frame and wall:

There should be no gap, cracks, or leaks between the window frame and the wall and if detected you must give attention to house window repair work and get all of them properly sealed. It is a simple DIY task that can be done by applying some basic silicon or weather stripping. If the seal is already done peeling off you should consider reapplying the silicon. Replacement of weather stripping around windows is a crucial part of House window repair.


3.  Install Blinds, operable shutters, or curtains:

Apart from providing ventilation, installing specially designed blinds and operable shutters keeps the sun heat out in summer but allows it in the winter. Even fabric curtains will prevent the sunlight and heat from coming inside the room through your window. You should use light-colored fabrics that will reflect the sun away.

4.  Install insulated glass and canopies:

Install insulated glass windows with low-E coating and add canopies over sunny windows.

5.  Install a solar screen:

Installing a solar screen around the window is another effective option to reduce the heat from coming inside. That screen will reduce about 50% of the heat coming in through the window and it will block it before it even hits the window. Even pasting a window film will help in reducing the incoming heat. Also, keep them closed to avoid excessive heating.

6.  Install cool lighting:

Use LEDs and CFLs as they are not only energy-efficient and long-lasting but also produce low heat in comparison to incandescent light bulbs. Don’t forget to switch them off, when not in use.


7.  Install attic insulation:

For rooftop insulation, you should paint your roof with light colors so that it will reflect UV rays.


8.  Plant trees:

A tree if planted near the window will provide shade and prevent heat to enter your house.


9.  Cook hot food wisely:

Instead of a gas stove, cook hot food in the microwave and if possible outside to minimize indoor heating. Follow the instructions on the gadgets carefully to avoid spreading hot vapors inside the room.


10. Put off house appliances:

Since machines like washing machines, dishwashers, etc generate heat and humidity while operating, it is advisable not to use them in day time at least in the summer season.

Thus, we see that house window repair is a work that must be taken on a priority basis if you want to keep your home ambiance cool and comfortable.