Where To Buy Desi Wedding Dresses In USA?

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Desi wedding dresses are among the most stunning in the world. These beautiful garments typically feature intricate patterns and desirable materials. However, finding somewhere to buy them in the USA can be a challenge.

In this post, we take a look at where to buy desi wedding dresses in the USA. Read on to find out more.

Go to a specialist store

If you want to buy desi wedding dresses in the USA, you usually have to go to a specialist store. Regular clothing retailers do not stock themes. They are a relatively niche item – something that only a small handful of the population purchase and wear.

When looking for a specialist desi dress store, your first port of call should be Studio By TCS. It offers a range of dresses to suit practically any type of wedding, adding to the magnificence of the occasion.

The best specialist stores, such as Studio By TCS, only stock authentic garments. Instead of making them en masse in Southeast Asia and then shipping them on container ships to Western markets, they source them directly from the subcontinent. Many have relationships with artisans and vendors in Pakistan and India, ensuring that they only deliver genuine articles, not imitations.

Furthermore, because specialist stores, such as Studio By TCS, work so closely with suppliers, they are able to source a wider range of desi wedding dresses. This means that brides can get a dress that really suits them, instead of having to make do with a generic option.

Desi wedding dress collection

Studio By TCS stocks a range of wedding dress collections. The Mayun collection is a selection of dresses featuring intricate patterning and beautiful floral designs. Dresses often come with woven embellishments and even images of convivial scenes.

The Mehendi collection brings innovative style to traditional desi wedding dress design. Many of the dresses in this category have asymmetrical features and pair beautifully with sarongs.

The Dholki collection is a refined and sophisticated selection of wedding dresses using fine materials and beautiful flowing lines. Many options in this category come with pants for a more casual, laid-back appearance.

Studio By TCS dresses come in many shapes and sizes. Each says something unique about the wearer. No two are the same. Dresses are also exceptional value for money. Prices are significantly lower than traditional Western wedding dresses, yet due to sourcing requirements, the quality remains the same.


In summary, it is entirely possible to buy authentic and original desi wedding dresses in the USA – you just need to know where to look. The best place to get them is at Studio By TCS’s online store. Here, you can browse a wide selection of dresses from a variety of collections, each with a specific style and theme.

Desi wedding dresses are usually long and cover the arms and shoulders. Many have open backs, though versions that keep the upper back hidden are also available. Color options include purple, rose, gold, tan and many more.