10 Pskov monuments destroyed by vandals

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In the Pskov region last year, vandals destroyed a total of 10 archaeological sites. The relevant data are published in the final report on the results of the work of the Archaeological Center of the region in 2020.

At the same time, the destruction was revealed both in the regional center and in the region. Vandals and “black” diggers in an attempt to cash in, damaged 5 monuments in Pskov and 5 more in the districts. Archaeological research in the village of Markovo, Opochetskiy region and the village of Brovsk, Strugokrasnenskiy region, suffered; as well as a monument in the village of Zaluchye of the Kunyinsky region and a mound group near the village of Ust-Smolka in the Pechora region; the village of Izborsk, Pechora region; and, finally, the settlement of Citizens of the Novosokolniki district.

At the same time, the state of archaeological monuments, a description of the damage caused to them and the establishment of damage is carried out under the flag of a state assignment during this year.

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