10 million rubles were allocated for the equipment of the covid hospital in Kalach

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In the Volgograd Region, a medical facility in Kalach was redesigned to treat patients with coronavirus. The department bought all the necessary equipment at the expense of the regional budget.

According to the press service of the regional health committee, preparatory work in the infectious diseases hospital has already been completed. From Monday, October 19, he will begin accepting patients. The infectious disease facility will operate on the basis of the Kalachevskaya Central District Hospital.

Meanwhile, in anonymous telegram channels on Friday there were reports of fundraising for doctors at the Kalachev hospital. At the same time, the regional health department assures that the medical staff does not experience difficulties with equipment.

According to the head of the Kalachevsky district, Petr Kharitonenko, the other day, deputies of the regional duma turned to the local administration and offered to help patients. They said that entrepreneurs, agricultural producers and caring residents are going to join the action.

– The administration of the district did not organize centralized fundraising, the mailing list was launched by one of the activists, – added Kharitonenko.

Natalya Semyonova, Chair of the Health Protection Committee of the Volgograd Regional Duma, noted that this action was not a very successful private initiative. According to her, in April, active citizens have already collected socks, then coffee, and now they switched to mattresses and medical equipment. According to the deputy, before fundraising, you need to find out from the doctors what they need. Otherwise, such an initiative could do more harm than good, Semenova emphasized.

“As for the Kalachevskaya Central District Hospital, funds for the deployment of an infectious diseases hospital were allocated from the regional budget in full for absolutely all needs,” said Natalya Semenova.

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