Zoopsychologist gave advice on choosing a pet

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Zoopsychologist Miroslav Volkov in the studio of the Point of View program gave some advice to people wishing to have a pet. This is reported by Pravda.Ru.

The specialist urged to have a pet that he likes, but he advised to abandon exotic predators. In general, according to him, the choice of a pet depends on the presence of allergies, the area of ​​the apartment and the time that a person is ready to devote to the animal.

Volkov noted that it is important to treat the choice soberly. When it comes to cats, the choice may depend on their size, color, coat length, temperaments and habits. If a person wants to get a dog, then it is worth deciding which one: service, hunting, guard, companion, and so on.

The zoopsychologist urged future dog owners not to hope that the pet will go to the toilet on a diaper, since the dog has to walk on the street. He emphasized that one should not get a dog if a person realizes that he cannot walk it, devote a lot of time to training, if he works in an irregular schedule. Instead, the expert advised to make a choice in favor of a cat, or two cats.

“If you need a lot of social interaction with other people, if you are not an introvert and you want to feel some attention, if you have a lot of time, if you need additional physical activity, then, of course, get a dog,” Volkov said.

He added that you need to choose a pet not by its appearance, but by its requirements and abilities, thinking about its breed and character. The specialist also urged to pay attention to shelters where you can take animals for free. There are even thoroughbreds, only without documents. But, Volkov noted, they will be microchipped, sterilized and vaccinated.

Earlier, in February, Miroslav Volkov explained the love of cats for boxes. The expert noted that cats perceive the box as a hiding place. This behavior is believed to be the result of centuries of animal evolution.