Yoga Poses Designed For 3 People

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You probably have heard of going for yoga with friends? Then surely you are aware that there are Yoga poses. Do you know that there exists such a thing as Yoga poses for 3 people? Got excited? Keep reading with the article to know more.

People commonly do yoga alone and choose home for it. However, we suggest these incredible 3 person yoga poses that will break the boredom. Sure, it will be a little challenging but with strong will and balance you will attain anything. This type is related to both acrobats and yoga that is why it is called Acro yoga. As we already know the terms we are ready to learn about the poses. Do not forget to read our article about three person yoga poses easy for more details.

The Essence Of Yoga plus Acro

Yoga plus Acro is a combination of aerobics Yoga and acrobats. One should be extremely focused, determined and strong. First of all, let’s go through several terms.

The first term is base. It refers to a participant whose back reclines on the ground thus making the foundation. The second term is Flyer. Flyer refers to those who are fully or partially lean on the base. The last term is spotter. Spotter helps the other two by giving instructions.   

Different Types 3 person yoga poses

The pose called plank includes holding planks on one another. Keep balance. Also you should be strong.

The next pose is the dancer pose. Hold hands and stretch your leg upwards. If you want to succeed in this pose, stay strong, stand in harmony and support your partners.  

The Whale pose works better for 2 people meanwhile the 3rd one is a spotter. The base holds the flyer with his legs and hands up in the air. With his/her legs the base holds the shoulders of his/her partner and with shoulders the legs. 

Next pose is called the Downward Dog pose. It looks like the letter L. This one is also a very good yoga pose for 3 people. The core and arm muscles are perfectly developed. One of you poses on the ground in a dog style, on his hips holding the first flyer’s feet whose hands are touching the floor. The second person performs the same pose.

Another 3 person yoga pose is when you hold a downward pyramid. Here we are dealing with two people performing as bases. They put their hands and legs on the ground. Their hands should be placed close. The flyer stands on them with the same pose. Also check our article about bff yoga poses

Double plank pose is quite difficult to perform with 3 people. In this one lying on the ground holds one of the partners with his hands and the other one with his legs.

Next, we will talk about the front plank with vertical flyer pose. The pose is designed for 2 people. However, you can make it even more difficult by adding 3rd person. Here the first flyer will balance the body on the arms and legs of the base. The second flyer stands on the hip bone of the first flyer.

Last but not least is the flying handstand pose. We have 2 bases in this one. They sit close to one another and one of them places his/her palms on the other’s shoulders. The flyer holds the shoulder of one of the bases, meanwhile the other base supports the flyer holding his/her shoulders.