XchangeOn 2024 – A Revised User Experience for Crypto Traders

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A recently launched crypto exchange “XchangeOn” is now going through some prominent upgrades. The platform was Innovation Factory’s first crypto exchange that launched with a basic interface and only a spot trading feature. It was merely meant to be a test run. The firm observed that there was massive potential for improvement in XchangeOn and decided to work on the upgrades silently in the background while the community grew on the earlier version.

Now, XchangeOn crypto exchange is ready to go live with some pretty amazing features and will be referred to as XchangeOn Reborn. But what should we be expecting in the upcoming version?


Innovation Factory seems to be very detail-oriented. The firm not only decided to fix the bugs and improve features, but they completely rebranded XchangeOn. The crypto trading platform now has a brand-new logo which is way more modern as compared to the initial one. The colors have also been shifted a bit. The sleek and modern new brand mark symbolizes the refinement, polishing and improvement in the trading platform.

New User Interface:

XchangeOn will now be seen with a completely new user interface. The platform will now have a dark theme with an accent of brand colors green & white. The new user interface is cleaner and more sophisticated. The earlier version felt quite raw, but now it emits an elegant and modern vibe. The login, signup and registration screens have also been redesigned according to the new theme.

Feature Updates:

Innovation Factory is bringing some major feature improvements in XchangeOn’s new version. The new and upgraded features include:

  1. Fear & Greed Index:

    XchangeOn will now have the crypto market’s fear & greed index integrated within the homepage. This feature is been added to facilitate the traders in understanding the market situation and placing trades accordingly.

  2. Top Market Trends:

    Another new feature that was missing earlier in the top market trends. The trends of the crypto market will be displayed in the form of a heat map. Realtime price & volume changes will be visible prominently in a single chart.

  1. Crypto Pairs & Cross Trends:

    Something that even the biggest crypto exchanges lack is the Cross trending between crypto pairs. This is a brand-new feature in XchangeOn that will display the performance of various cryptocurrencies against their pairs. This is essential for day traders as a cryptocurrency might be performing differently against different pairings.

  1. Improved Exchange Module:

    XchangeOn will now feature a much more refined crypto exchange module. The updated module will have a cleaner appearance with supporting charts, convenient order books and swift buy/sell panels.

  1. Detailed Wallet Panel:

    The wallet panel will now be much more detailed. It will comprise proper P&L Graphs, Balance details, Cumulative P&L and Asset details. Users will now be able to extract their trade & deposit histories as well.

  1. Well Defined Markets:

    Markets will now have a dedicated page. The top-performing cryptocurrencies will be listed on their dedicated cards with performance graphs and price indicators. The aggregate market chart will have all the listed cryptocurrencies mentioned with their price change, volume change, trading graphs and market cap information.

Overall, this is by far the biggest update undergone by any Crypto Exchange. Innovation Factory has proved its dedication & determination towards the growth of the crypto industry through these massive updates in extremely short time spans.