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The Wizard 5e is the ultimate magic master who is joined in marriage by his two wights who are the embodiment of pure energy. They cast upon the world the powerful spells which channel the raw force of raw magical power to do awesome deeds. The Wizard 5e is at his master’s beck and call to use the forces of magic to overcome the darkness of mankind’s wickedness. With the advent of time, the world has been plunged into darkness and the wickedness of men has increased. To restore the harmony of the world and to avenge the wrongs done to mankind, the powerful wizard and his three wights do their dark work in search of ancient artifacts which are key to unlock the past.

The wizard 5e is a master of deception, whose wisdom and illusionists allow him to manipulate others easily and manipulate their thoughts to achieve his nefarious schemes. The wizard’s three wights are a trio of highly skilled illusionists who each have a different skill: disguise themselves as animals, plant objects, or human beings, manipulate others with their minds, and cast free Cantrip magic. In the game, the player will have to choose between six different starting attributes which will determine his starting skills. The Wizard 5e starts with an Intelligence of 3, which is the normal starting attribute for an average character in this game.

The ability of the wizard level:

The ability of the wizard level to inflict damage using their Cantrip spells gives them an advantage during battle. At the beginning of every battle, the wizard can inflict a certain amount of damage to his opponents using his powerful Cantrip spells and his creatures within 60 feet. This makes the wizard level much more versatile as he has more potential damage using his damaging Cantrip spells. But this is not all, the wizard also has some cool sidekicks that can assist him during battle such as the boulder swarm which acts as a support so the wizard can stay safe from being attacked by his opponents.

Feature of the wizard:

The key feature of the wizard level 5 spells is their Cantrip spells. Cantrips are special abilities that can be used to attack opponents using a different set of weapons than the one you would normally use against them. Cantrips are broken down into three categories are Combat cantrips, Utility cantrips, and Equipment cantrips. The cantrip that the wizard uses the most is called Combat cantrip. All the combat cantrips are divided into two categories, which are described below. The utility cantrips are also divided into two categories, these are described below.

A most important statistic for a wizard:

Hit Points are the most important statistic for a wizard character, each hit point represents the level of damage the wizard can deal with another character. Each hit point represents one thousand points, or one hundred hits before the wizard has to stop using his cantrip to heal himself. Healing can be done while the wizard is fighting another character and he must move within a five-foot range of his healing target. When a wizard character enters battle with another character, he may not move more than one foot towards any opponent that he hasn’t hit with an attack. In addition, if he does move more than one foot towards an opponent, then the wizard must move at a much slower pace than he would if he were just using his cantrip. If the wizard ends up moving more than a foot toward an opponent. Then the wizard is required to stop using his cantrip and heal himself.

Graviturgy is very complicated:

Graviturgy is a very complicated and powerful form of magical engineering, used to create magical items such as weapons. At level two the wizard will learn to cast a gravitation spell. Which involves creating a giant sphere of the force around himself. This sphere of force is called a gravitation tube. Which consists of a rectangular opening on the top half of the gravitation tube. That opens up into an area called the gravitational focus, where the wizard will cast a powerful gravitation ray. Which strikes every creature within a twenty-four-inch range of the opening. These rays deal out a great deal of damage to creatures in a short amount of time. But the damage that they inflict is not cumulative; once the wizard has struck a creature with a gravitation ray. He must not use it again until he heals himself. However, these rays can also heal the wizard if they are properly channeled.

Level six the wizard:

At level six the wizard is ready to master a single destination that spells. At this point, the wizard can choose one subject to concentrate on during his turn. The wizard will cast a single destination cantrip on this subject. The subject can move freely after using the cast cantrip. If this subject then moves away from the original focal point. The caster may cast another destination cantrip on this subject. But must move as little as possible, or the second spell will not trigger. The original subject may move away from the focal point as well. But any other creatures may not move towards this subject.


The highest level of Wizard 5e is called a Master of Magic, and here the power of concentration is paramount. To cast spells of any level, the player must be able to effectively visualize the end result and must possess. The necessary powers of concentration, imagination, and intelligence. The actual mechanics of how to cast spells is left up to the specific campaign setting. Some settings allow for extremely complex casts that involve countless different components. That must all work together, while other campaigns have simpler rules. A GM will need to determine what kind of campaign. They are running and set the GM piece of software according to their rules.