Why You May Need Compound Medication?

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When most medicines are commercially available, then why compound medication? You may wonder why compounding pharmacies exist when almost every medication is available at retail pharmacies. Due to the easy accessibility of commercially-produced medications, compounding has taken a back seat. However, this practice is again gaining popularity due to the variety of benefits it has to offer.


What is Compounding Medication?

A compounded medication is a drug that is customized to meet the specific needs of a patient. Unlike mass-produced medications that are created for a large population, compounded medications are specifically prepared using the prescription from your doctor. Every person is unique and has different medical needs. So, whether a commercial medication has allergic ingredients or an inconvenient dosage form, a compounding pharmacy can customize the ingredients and dosage to suit your specific needs. The process of compounding involves mixing one or more active ingredients at a specific amount. This type of customized medication is prepared by a licensed compounding pharmacist under the guidance of a doctor. Compounding medications are widely used for treating pain, hormone-related conditions, and skin problems.

Dermatologists, Endocrinologists, Pain specialists, Gastroenterologists, and Veterinarians often prescribe compounded medication. So, a compound medication is a different version of commercial medicine because it has been customized to your needs. This practice is as old as the pharmacy profession. Before pharmaceutical companies started mass-producing drugs, compounding was the standard means of creating prescription medications.


Reasons to Use Compound Medication

Commercially produced medications are the easiest option. You can find a retail pharmacy in almost every locality to get quick access to the needed medication. But sometimes customizing your prescription is better to suit your needs. Here are the top reasons why you may benefit from compounding medication.

Customized Dosage

The drugs mass-produced by large pharmaceutical companies are available in standardized dosages. For instance, your doctor prescribes medication in 20mg which is only available commercially at 50mg. In this case, it can be difficult to break the tablet into the right size to reduce the dosage amount. However, a compounding pharmacy can create the same formulation in the required dosage amount to suit your needs. Customizing dosage not only helps you get the drug in the right amount but also helps in saving money because there is no need to pay for a larger dosage that you do not need.

Allergy-Free Medication

You should also consider compounding if you are allergic to some ingredients found in commercial medicines. A compounding pharmacist can create safe medications by removing allergy-causing ingredients such as lactose, dyes, preservatives, and gluten. This helps in getting the required prescription without unwanted allergic reactions.

Alternate Form

Some patients need an alternate form of medication. For instance, an elderly patient or kid may find it difficult to swallow pills. It is also possible to have difficulty taking the medication due to a swollen throat. In all such cases, a compounding pharmacy can help you get access to the needed medication in an alternate form. The same prescription can be formulated in the form of capsules, tablets, syrup, drops, or ointments.

Improve Taste

Often kids or pets refuse to take medicine due to their bitter taste. However, a compounding pharmacy can make medicine more palatable by adding flavors to make it easier to consume. Taking bitter syrups can be difficult even for adults. However, when flavors are added, it comes easy to take the medicine.